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Choosing a restaurant in Rome can be not so easy, filled as the Eternal City is with hundreds of excellent places. The good news is that it's rare to get bad food. The even better news is that we've narrowed down your choices. Our restaurant il Secchio has a wide range of flavours of the roman food.

Rome is not only the capital of culture, history, art and charme: Rome is also the home of Italy's most delicious ingredients.
In addition to the restaurants located around your hotel in Rome, consider visiting our restaurant in Rome that cooks the original roman cooking called " cucina romana".

Despite a sudden rise in prices after the adoption of the euro, Rome's dining tabs are still generally reasonable. One important tip: check before if your restaurant in Rome is open, because days off and vacations can spoil your dinner in Rome.

And remember that family-run trattorias are an extension of the home table. Do not forget to enjoy with your family a very intimate atmosphere tasting the roman ingredients in my restaurant in Rome.


Oreste Laglia, owner

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